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IGN: iamthebeatles
By Sled » 11 months ago
Hey everyone! First of all, thank you for following us along on this journey. We hope you enjoy whats to come for the server, as we continue to work on bringing you the best experience possible. This new website will enable us to do things like competitions, announcements, voting, and more in a more orderly fashion. We encourage you to check this website often in order to stay in touch with what's happening on the server.

We now have a forums which allows users to communicate easily with each other and to allow suggestions/bug reports to be made in a way that the administrators will surely see it.

As for the popular BedWars minigame, we hope to have that back up and running again ASAP. Hopefully we won't have any major issues with it anymore (like the NPCs despawning, because that's no good!). Remember, when the minigame comes back it will surely have some bugs and I encourage you to post them on the forum! Hopefully we'll have that game running smoothly in no time. We also plan to create more maps for the other minigames as well as update the chests in the Skywars minigame to be more fair and equal.

Mercury, the new hardcore survival map will also be released soon. We plan on adding a jobs plugin to enhance the fun as well as a shop!

The new server will be released as soon as it's ready, so for now be patient, and I'll see you all on ChemiCraft!