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IGN: ParaSlice
By Kara » 11 months ago


Today, we would like to announce a brand new building competition. Our last competition, where users were able to build the survival spawn, was very successful. Pholus, a user who has returned to the Minecraft server after playing past servers, was the winner with a magnificent spawn that is incredibly clean and simple.

This time around, your build will require much more creativeness and imagination. The theme is: igloo! The goal is to build the best igloo you can possibly dream of. It can be whatever you want it to be. A mansion, an igloo hotel, an igloo with an underground cave, etc. Bonus points for creativity and a winter wonderland exterior.

This competition will be held on our creative plot world, Mars. Make sure you build near the spawn so that we can find your build. If you happen to build farther away from spawn, make sure to contact me on discord: Sled#4302 OR [email protected] with your coordinates so I can find your build!

To get to mars: /warp mars
To claim a plot: /plot claim

To merge with a nearby UNCLAIMED plot: First claim the plot next to your original one, and then do /plot merge. So if you plan on building something huge, I recommend claiming more than one plot right away so nobody else claims the plots nearby in case you need it.

There will be a reward going to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners this time. The prize will be in-game money, that will be usable at the upcoming survival shop that is currently in the works!

The competition ends: December 31st, 2017!

Have fun!

-The Chemicraft Administration